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Blip – 2D Mobile game made with Unity

Blip is a 2D game I made for Android and iOS using Unity. It’s based on the arcade game ‘whack-a-mole’, and involves furiously tapping little monster heads for points. It features 30 levels, and different monsters that unlock as you progress. There is also an endless mode, in which the game only ends if you hit one of the green ‘death’ monsters.


The game has a help menu (above), which shows all the monsters and the effects they have when you hit them. To progress, you have to hit enough monsters within the time limit to hit the points goal. From the main menu, you can adjust your settings (sound/music toggle) or select which mode to play and a difficulty.


The level end screen displays the points you achieved, and how close you were to unlocking the next level. You can also choose to replay the level.

Unfortunately, as I made this a couple of years ago before I started working at Inertia, the project no longer builds with the newest version of Unity. Perhaps one day I will give it a dust off and an upgrade, as there are improvements I would have liked to make and other features!

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