Alice Middleton - Games Programmer

Farming Simulator – Unity 3D

I have been creating a 3D farming simulation game with Unity. I am a huge fan of Stardew Valley, so in my desire to learn Unity3D and C# better, I decided to make a simple simulation based around this game. The main game play features are being able to till soil, plant seeds, and harvest the plants.

You are able to control a 3D character to move around the environment. You can click areas of the floor and interact with it in different ways, depending on which tool you have equipped.

Currently, you are able to plant seeds and harvest plants, and there is a box set up which will be used like a shop. I will be adding the ability to sell the plants for coins, and your coin balance will be displayed on the UI.

Once you are able to sell plants, I hope to add new items that you can grow, and perhaps other interact-able objects, such as trees which you can cut down, or AI characters you can talk to. The graphics currently used for the UI are placeholder images, and I am planning on updating these as well as some of the other environment objects and the lighting.

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